Home security requires a strategic approach to help keep your family and home protected. Investing in home security systems helps to boost the security of your property and family. Having the right system can help deter intruders and burglars.

Regardless of where you reside, security should always come first. There are plenty of ways and methods you can implement to increase your home’s security. Technology has brought about some of the most efficient systems to protect homes.

Below are some of the ways of protecting your home from criminals:

Think like a Burglar

A burglar always knows they have less than ten minutes to break into your property and steal whatever they came for. In most cases, the garage door is usually their entry point since it leads to the main house. They know that you are likely to forget closing the garage door.

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With today’s technology, you can close your garage door automatically from your smartphone or by using a timer. Many devices are available in the market, which can help you lock your garage after a specific set time. You can also reinforce the locks with deadbolt locks and ensure it remains closed all the time.

Keep it Locked and Armed When Home

About 30% of burglaries happen when someone is at home. Imagine how you would feel when you realize that your possessions were taken as you watched and there was nothing you could do nothing about it.

Whether your neighborhood is peaceful and quiet or not, you should ensure that you lock your doors and windows when at home and arm your home security system. These precautions can save your possessions, your life, and that of your loved ones.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Criminals know very well the possible places you are likely to hide your valuables in your bedroom. And when they break into your house, they will go straight to the bedroom, search everywhere – your drawers, closets and under your mattress to look for your jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

You can foil their plans by countering their expectations. Keep your valuable possessions in a safe bolted on the floor under the carpet or rent a safe deposit box at your bank to keep your precious items.

Install Multiple Locking Systems

You can have multiple locking systems on the main door. You can install both electronic and biometric locking systems on the door. Biometric door systems are mostly found in corporate offices, but you can have them installed in your house. They are quite convenient where all the people living with you will use the fingerprint sensors to unlock it. Unidentified visitors will remain outside the home.

Update All Your Locks

Always keep the door and window locks updated at all times. This will enable them to function correctly and keep you safe. Have them replaced or fixed when the locks stop working properly. You can reinforce them with automated locks to keep intruders away.

Install Security Cameras

Have the security cameras installed at all entry points and vulnerable areas of your home. Security cameras will help you monitor all the events in your house. They help you to track everything that goes on in the hope when you are away from home.

Install Burglar Alarms and Other Alarm Systems

A burglar alarm can protect you and your property against burglary. When the alarm goes off, the thief is in trouble from both the family and neighbors and can easily be caught before they steal anything. The alarm will alert everyone of any suspicious activity in the neighborhood, including the police.

Fires can destroy your property and other valuable items in the home. With a fire alarm and smoke detector in place, you can identify a possible fire and prevent it from spreading.

When you have alarm systems in place, have everyone in the house learn how to arm and disarm the system. This will ensure that the alarm remains armed even when someone is at home. Test your alarms regularly to ensure that it’s functional all the time.

Light Up All the Entryways

Always ensure that all the entryways to your home are well lit. Use floodlights for all exteriors, including the driveway, garage, front door, and other entrances to deter intruders from attempting to enter the home. Dark doors will always be easy targets for burglars.

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Install Sensors and Motion Detectors

Motion sensors and detectors can be installed at all entry points and high-risk areas within and outside the house. These areas include garages, driveways, home offices, doors, windows, cabinets and much more.

Always optimize your security system options to alert you when the sensors are triggered. Configure alerts to avoid false alarms and track the events happening at home.

Make it Difficult for Burglars to Break into Your Home

Create deterrents for burglars by displaying yard signs, reinforcing the doors and windows, owning a dog, and locking all doors and windows whether you are home or not. Cut all the shrubs and trees around the house too.

Do not leave tools or any equipment outside. Store your ladders and all the other equipment in the tool shed. If you leave them outside, burglars can use them to enter your home


Your life and that of your family comes first before anything else. It is better to keep on top of your home security and ensure the right system is in place to protect you. Always ensure that you implement the measures about to keep your home protected.