Cybersecurity involves every single device that is connected to the Internet because everything on the internet is a computer, completely hackable and prone to vulnerabilities that require patching to ensure that the data within the device remains safe.

Since every individual uses multiple internet-connected devices, cybersecurity has moved way beyond just companies. It involves individuals as well. The following techniques are the best ways to prevent a security breach whether you’re a company – established or a startup – or an individual user on your smartphone or wifi connected TV.

  1. Password Protection

Every device on the internet requires password protection to make things tougher for hackers. Your password should be;

  • Long (12-20 characters is the ideal length)
  • Strong (characters must include a combination of letters, symbols, and alphabets)
  • Unique (simple words should be made complex)

For companies with an array of systems on a network, it’s best that every single employee is assigned a different username and a different authentication password. MFA (multi-factor authentication) is one way of strengthening the cybersecurity of companies. There are multiple factors – username, password, biometric identification, and location identification – that require clearance to access information.

  1. Network Segmentation

Saving bits of information on different individual networks and not just one reduces the damage that hackers can do. There’s no way that hackers can steal/hijack the entire data at once because all the networks are completely isolated. Network segmentation largely prevents;

  • Direct malware spread from network to network
  • Hacking all the data at once

As a result, recovering the lost information becomes easier and the monetary damage is minimized.

  1. A Competent Cybersecurity Team

The cybersecurity team of a company is responsible for;

  • Adopting means to reduce the risk of a security breach
  • Establishing a faster communication means so that employees can be alerted quickly as soon as the breach is identified
  • Faster response so that the malware spread can be stopped

You can hire ethical hackers to be a part of your cyber team. Some other invaluable tips listed below can also make a huge impact.

  • Implement KPIs so that you are certain whether or not the cybersecurity strategies adopted by your cyber team are competent
  • Allocating sufficient funds so that the security team can adopt the latest techniques to strengthen the cybersecurity

On a closing note, it is also recommended that you educate your employees about cybersecurity and their role in strengthening the virtual space.