Finding a video that makes you laugh, cry, or simply entertains the heck out of you is rare. During times like these, it’s worth it to share the fun with your friends and loved ones. Whether reunions, throwback videos, or something you saw on the internet, videos are worth sharing them.

Crying and laughing together make a stronger relationship and connection after all. Sometimes, however, you don’t always know how to share those videos, and it can be frustrating. If you need a walkthrough to share the perfect video, we’re here to help.

We have a simple guide to show you how to share a video in 6 simple ways. Read on below to learn more:

  1. Facebook 

This is one of the most widely used social media platform. It has been active for more than a decade and they are still thriving and growing more popular than ever. Because of that, almost everyone has a Facebook account right now.

They weren’t initially a video sharing site but that’s slowly changing. Thanks to its accessibility and interactive design, you can share and view videos much easier than before.

There’s even a special feature called Facebook Live that lets you broadcast a video in real-time!

This is a great way to engage and interact with distant family and friends who couldn’t make it. Keep them updated so they don’t feel left behind or forgotten while you guys are having fun!

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the most relevant video sharing website on the internet. Everyone has at least watched something on it once in their life. With its many video variations of online, it’s no wonder there’s no shortage of good content to watch.

The sheer scale of videos means that it’s often very hard to locate a video. In response, YouTube has made its videos easier to share across different platforms and applications.

Knowing how to share a video on YouTube is easy. You can download the video from YouTube and save the video on your smartphone for easy access! You can go to for more information on the apps you can use and how to download YouTube videos.

  1. Vimeo

It’s one of the most famous websites for hosting and sharing videos. Vimeo may not be as popular as YouTube, but they still have a large community of professional content creators and audiences.

One great thing about using Vimeo is their better video quality compared to most platforms. You can also stream or watch it without ads appearing halfway.

You can upload videos without worrying about the video resolution and any interruptions.

Do you want to have more privacy? You can control the privacy settings by embedding and putting passwords. In this way, your family and close friends are the only ones who could see the videos.

  1. Google Drive

Google has many useful services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Play Store, and finally Google Drive. It is a great option for storing and backing up your videos. The first 15 GB storage is free and you can always upgrade to get more space in your account.

Do you want to learn how to share videos in simple steps in Google Drive? Here’s how:

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Find and right-click on the videos
  • Select Share
  • Add the emails one by one
  • Click Done

If you think typing everyone’s emails is exhausting, you can opt to use shareable links instead. This is how you can learn how to show someone a video via a link. Go to the email sharing options and choose your preferences.

The Restricted option lets only the people with the link to see the shared video.

There is also an option to let everyone with the link to see the files. This applies even if they didn’t get it from you.

After you click Done, the videos are now accessible online anytime! The recipients can also view, edit, comment, and share the link. They can also download the video so they can watch it without the aid of the internet.

  1. Dropbox 

Dropbox is a cloud storage service provider like Google Drive. It’s free and easy to use service which appeals to many people. Dropbox has such a simple user interface that it gives a clean and smooth experience that even your grandparents can operate!

This is how you can upload the videos and share them with your favorite people in the world:

  • Sign in on Dropbox
  • Select on the Upload files or folders
  • Choose and click on the videos
  • Click Open or Upload afterward
  • Find the videos on Dropbox
  • Bring your cursor on the files and select Share

In this part, you can choose whether you want to enter the emails manually or get a link to share the files instead. Pick whatever’s more convenient for you.

  • Configure the permission settings
  • Click Send

Here’s another thing you don’t want to miss out on. Dropbox has limited free storage of 2 GB but there are ways to expand this for free! Sharing the storage with your family and friends and completing the Dropbox checklist are some methods on how to earn free space.

  1. USB Flash Drive

This may be one of the more medieval video sharing methods but a portable hard drive is great for many reasons. After you learn how to download videos, you don’t have to worry about your phone storage because it can free up space. A flash drive is also useful when you are stuck on the road without any internet.

You only need a laptop or anything similar to watch a video with someone!

If you only have a smartphone at your disposal you could connect it to your USB flash drive via OTG. Both the micro and cable OTG work wonders and are available to buy anywhere.

Discover More Ways on How to Share a Video 

These are some of the methods you need to keep in mind when you’re learning how to share a video online and offline! Now you can let the whole family and friends see the funny and emotional videos you found.

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