Online gaming is undoubtedly one of the most engaging forms of gaming in existence today. But, the threats that Online Gaming brings with it cannot be ignored. Online Gaming involves interaction with a big number of unknown people(profiles), meaning that any of these people could pose a potential threat. Moreover, games often ask for personal details, making it even more important that your information is guarded securely. With Cybercrimes evidently on the rise, you should always make your Online Gaming Experience as safe as possible.

  • Avoid download from unknown sources – Whenever you play online; you will encounter scores of prompts asking you to download something, be it games, cheats, etc. Make sure that you only download content from absolutely secure sources that are well-known. Downloading any unknown source file can lead to viruses and malware getting downloaded onto your PC and wreaking havoc.
  • Protect personal information – Make sure you never provide any of your personally identifiable information like your Email to any unauthorized source(s). Also, when you create your online account on any game, create a strong password, with alphabets, upper &/or lower cases, characters, numbers, etc. In online games, you have an online identity, which is not an issue in a game like Reigns: Game of Thrones because you play as one of the game characters. But in most other online games, you decide your own name. So try to give an in-game name completely different from your original one.
  • Anti-Virus – Always ensure that you have an antivirus installed to ward off any unwanted malware, but be wary of ‘Virus Alerts’, as they could be a ploy to make you download unnecessary software.

Basically, playing games online is a really fun experience, and everyone can try it whenever they want. However, you should always ensure that you are being careful about how you approach online gaming. Frauds and cases of Cyberbullying have become increasingly common, but if you follow a few simple safety measures, you will never fall prey to them.