It’s easy to overlook Twitter in favor of Facebook or even Instagram when it comes to promoting your brand, but once you get down to it, the value Twitter provides is on par with what the best Facebook marketer can achieve. Take for instance the fact that as much as 75% of B2B companies market actively on Twitter, or that more than 24% of all adults in the US actively use the social media platform. Since becoming profitable in 2017, the company has been achieving a slow but steady growth towards being a dominant force in the marketing world.

So, should one go about growing their Twitter following? Knowing the right channels to buy Twitter followers is always a viable option, but we’ll concentrate no how to do it organically, instead.

Follow More People

Nobody builds a large Twitter following out of thin air, unless, of course, you’re either an established brand or a famous personality by the time you’re joining Twitter. If you’re like the vast majority of people, you have to start off by following accounts that post content that’s relevant to what you do.

Look out for people that tweet, retweet and comment on posts often. These are the best people to follow because they are more likely to retweet your content and increase your engagement stats. They gain followers and you gain more exposure – it’s a win-win!

Add Value to Your Followers

It’s not enough that you just post content, no matter how regular those posts are scheduled to be. It matters that the kind of content adds value to at least a segment of the market that you want to target. For most people, inspecting your Twitter stream before they follow you is a routine that must be followed. If they find value in the kind of content you post, retweet and comment on, you’re going to gain a new follower.

Optimize Your Bio!

Twitter bios are often overlooked as a waste of time, but you’d be surprised just how much it contributes to your overall profile. Your header and avi are important, but that importance is arguably overshadowed by the kind of priority people give to knowing what it is exactly you do – they can’t exactly judge that by two indistinct pictures on your profile, can they?

Your bio should be short (of course), descriptive and shouldn’t use too many hashtags, because then you lose the value in the descriptiveness.